5 fun tech tools to improve math comprehension (k-12)

5 fun tech tools to improve math comprehension (k-12)

Sum Dog is a scientifically proven & evidence based tech tool that gamifies learning for K-8. The practice games are aligned with the common core and most state standards. 

There are in game rewards like coins that make it more enjoyable & fun for students who play. Additionally, they provide iPad & Android apps for your child to play on the go. 

For parents, they offer diagnostic reports, skills reports, and enable you to see weekly activity.

Learn more about Sum Dog here.

This is an application geared towards helping younger students with addition, subtraction, and counting. Moose Math gives young students the experience of playing math games, which then gives them rewards that enable them to build a town. 

This is a recommended app for students who are may struggle with shorter attention spans.

You can find Moose Math app in your app store.

Learn more about Moose Math here.

Prodigy is a free online platform where students can practice their math through playing. They get to fight monsters with their personalized characters & also save pets through answering math questions. Prodigy is great because it can target the areas of struggle through a pre assessment and gear the practice in game automatically for students. 

This tech tool is geared towards 1st – 8th grade and is a ton of fun for students while providing analytics in a dashboard on their progress & activity. This enables you to differentiate mathematics instruction, knowing which areas your child needs to improve. 

Additionally, parents can set goals for their students to achieve & give in game rewards once those goals are accomplished. 

Learn more about Prodigy Game here.

Desmos is a free online tool great for your 6th-12th graders that encompasses a free math calculators (graphing calculator, scientific calculator, four function calculator, matrix calculator), a geometry tool, and fun-interactive math activities. 

Students can practice these following subjects & more:

  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • PreCalculus
  • Calculus

Desmos even released a curriculum you can enjoy for 6th-8th graders (check it out here).

Learn more about Desmos here.

Brainscapes is a flashcard application that is better than regular flashcards because it uses what is called “spaced repetition”, which is basically helping your child automatically focus more on their weaker areas as they practice.

How it works is that your child will be shown a question, then have the answered revealed, they rate their confidence in the answer, and dependent on the factors, the specific material will be repeated optimally. 

Learn more about Brainscapes here.


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