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If you already know what NFTs are, and want to skip to how to make one, scroll to the next section. If you want a quick overview, keep reading. 🤓
NFT stands for non-fungible token. They are cryptographic digital assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other… if we didn’t lose you already, basically what you should takeaway is:
  • NFTs cannot be replicated
  • They can be used to represent real world assets like real estate or artwork
  • Tokenizing real world tangible assets enables them to be bought, sold, and traded more efficiently while reducing chance of fraud 
  • They can be used to identify ownership, property rights, and more…
  • Cryptographic basically means they are secure and third parties cannot tamper with them
Non-fungible means not replaceable. For instance, if you have a CD that is signed by your favorite singer, that is not replaceable, and there is no equivalent. 
On the other hand, fungible items are tradable and have equivalents, like cryptocurrencies. Another example would be if you lent your friend $10, they can pay you back with two $5 bills. 
Use cases: NFTs are popularly used currently for collectibles, artwork, and capturing sport moments. They can also be used for real estate, music, and many other things you might not think possible like a tweet from twitter. 
Jack Dorsey, CEO of twitter, turned his first tweet into an NFT, sold it for over $2.9 million and gave the money to charity. Crazy right? 😂
There have been some teens that have made a lot from creating and selling their own NFT collections like:
  • Victor Langlois, 18 years old ($18 million)
  • Benyamin Ahmed, 12 years old ($400 thousand)
  • Jayden Stipp, 15 years old ($350 thousand)
  • Nyla Hayes, 12 years old ($3.4 million)
Which is why… we want to introduce your child to the space and help their inner artist shine.

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Creating a CryptoPunk NFT

Today, we’ll learn how to create CryptoPunk NFTs. Why CryptoPunks specifically? Well, they’re simple to make and the value of CryptoPunks collection made $1.57 billion in the last year. 
See for yourself on their website: https://www.larvalabs.com/cryptopunks
Normally, you would create digital art on more advanced design technology, but for the purpose of getting started quickly and easily, we’ll use canva.com, any device can visit this on the web browser.
Below are the steps to creating a CryptoPunk NFT. We’ve also attached a step by step guide with screenshots, if you are more visual of a person. Click here for the visual guide
Step 1: Visit Canva.com
Step 2: Create an account if you did not already
Step 3: Click on “create design” on the top right of the browser
Step 4: Fill in “2400px by 2400px” 
Step 5: Click “create”
Step 6: Fill the page with 24×24 squares (100px x 100px per square)
Step 7: Fill out the Silhouette of a CryptoPunk
  • Follow along to this image we made for you
  • The neck is 3 squares tall and 5 squares wide
  • The face is 17 squares tall and 11 squares wide
  • The top of the head is minus 1 for 3 squares (like a pyramid)
  • The bottom, where the chin is (on the right) is like a pyramid
  • Fill the outlines for the CryptoPunk
Step 8: Change the CryptoPunk using your creativity
Step 9: Download your CryptoPunk as a PNG
Step 10: Upload to a NFT marketplace like Opensea.io

How to list your NFT for sale

Step 1: Go to Opensea.io
Step 2: Click on “create” on the top right
Step 3: Create a crypto wallet if you don’t have one already, you do this on your phone
  • Follow the specific instructions related to the wallet you chose
  • We recommend coinbase wallet
Step 4: Fill in the required info (name of NFT, how much you want to sell for)
Note: You will need to get some ethereum for a first time post to Opensea. Normally, you also need to pay to “mint” a NFT, but Opensea freely mints all NFTs on their platform. 
You only need to pay for the first account creation. There are other marketplaces to sell and buy NFTs as well. We used Opensea for this example since it is one of the more popular ones at this moment. 
Minting is basically when you put the NFT on the blockchain so that your NFT is not replicable and it shows ownership.
When you get a chance to create some NFTs or your child does, please share them with us! We’d love to shout them out and share them with everyone as well 🙂 You can respond directly to this email.
If you enjoyed learning about NFTs and how to make them. What else would you enjoy a quick read on? 🥰
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Get the Top 5 Resources Kids Use to Learn Code

These resources are organized by cost, difficulty level, and learning style to help you choose the right one.


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