The teen years aren’t just a time for heightened attitudes, awkward bodily changes, and rebellious behavior… 

It’s also a time when kids begin to explore their interests in a chosen career. Teenagers interested in the tech industry have a strikingly bright future as tech jobs are estimated to skyrocket over the years. 

Wondering how you can support your teen and prepare them for a career in the IT industry? This article will share 3 ways you can set your teen up for success in a field of nearly endless opportunity.

Why should your teen consider a tech career?

  • It’s a lucrative career path. The median annual wage for a career in the technology sector is around $97,000 compared to just $45,000 for all occupations. With the rapid growth in tech accelerating year after year, the demand for people with sharp tech skills is growing just as fast. That means fatter paychecks and more opportunities for IT professionals. 
  • Great way to exercise one’s creativity. The tech industry is fueled by constant innovation which is birthed from creativity. Having a career in tech would allow your child to strengthen their creative muscles and contribute new ideas to their team and projects.
  • Steady growth and secure employment. Tech isn’t going anywhere. In fact, employment in the IT industry is expected to grow by 15% from 2021 to 2031.

1. Explore industry certifications through online or in-person classes

It’s common to think that you need to hold a shiny computer science degree to even get close to landing a job in IT, but that’s just not the case. 

A lot of employers don’t require a college degree in this field, which means that your chances of landing a job can still be high with just a certification. Not to mention, it’ll take some stress off your wallet too. 

When searching for a certification program for your teen, consider the positions they’ll be applying for after graduating high school. 

Look at job titles such as IT service desk technician, help desk support manager, or help desk supervisor, since these are common entry-level tech roles. 

Look closely at their required certifications, then invest in a program that best fits your needs for the role you’re looking to land. CompTIA, an online learning platform that issues professional certification for IT roles, offers beginner courses covering everything from entry-level to advanced IT certification.

Get the Top 5 Resources Kids Use to Learn Code

These resources are organized by cost, difficulty level, and learning style to help you choose the right one.

2. Encourage them to get involved with their school’s STEM program

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. If your child’s school offers STEM-related programs then encourage them to take a course or two and see how they like it. 

This is a great way for your child to explore their interest in tech further and see if it’s truly something they want to pursue long-term. 

STEM programs help students develop strong problem-solving skills and get them accustomed to collaborating with others, which are key skills for nearly any tech role. 

3. Enroll them in a workshop that prepares teens for tech careers

Is your teen thinking of diving into the world of tech but isn’t sure where to start? 

Consider enrolling them in a workshop that is dedicated to preparing kids for tech careers. LogoLife, an online learning company that prepares teens for a profitable career in tech and entrepreneurship, offers a program called the Young Technologist Network

In this program, your teen meets with an industry professional on a weekly basis that offers guidance on their path of growth. They also get to socialize and connect with like-minded teens online as they learn the fundamentals of coding, computer science, design, and more. 

Ready to enroll? Click here to explore your options.


The tech industry offers lucrative careers, job stability, and tons of opportunities for flexing one’s creative muscles. Supporting your teen as they discover what career they want to pursue is all about communication and encouragement. Consider enrolling them in a certification program to get hands-on experience and prep them for their first entry-level position. 

If you’re not ready to make the investment, your teen can also explore their school’s STEM program and get a feel for the field before putting money into courses or certifications. Enrolling them in a workshop specially designed for teens might be the best way to give them a taste of what their future can look like. They can collaborate with other teens, learn fundamental coding and engineering skills and discover if their passion truly lies in tech or beyond. 

Get the Top 5 Resources Kids Use to Learn Code

These resources are organized by cost, difficulty level, and learning style to help you choose the right one.


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